In December 2015, WHO, OIE and FAO organized a global conference to push forward the agenda for the global elimination of dog-mediated rabies. The meeting was opened by WHO Director General Margaret Chan, and brought together major players in the policy arena, potential donors and representatives from around the world who hope to take this forward in their respective countries or regions. It was fantastic to see so many amazing examples of progress being made in all parts of the world where rabies is still a problem. Many important lessons were highlighted too - elimination will not be easy - but many of the challenges have been overcome before for rabies in some parts of the world and for other diseases too. I gave (probably my most nervous) presentation on the impacts of rabies and benefits of prevention! The challenge has been very much set. In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, 2030 is the target year for global elimination of rabies. The Global Alliance for Rabies Control has launched the End Rabies Now campaign, and the momentum has begun to roll.